One of the advantages of ‘going solar’ through a solarize program like Solar Schuyler is that the solar partners that are part of our campaign have been pre-vetted and have agreed to not only follow a set of ‘best practices,’ but they have also agreed on a discount for anyone who enrolls for a free solar assessment through the Solar Schuyler campaign.

Below you will find more information about the companies we partner with as well as the pricing models and options they’ll be offering throughout this campaign.

In order to take advantage, all you have to do is enroll for a free solar assessment!


Community Solar Campaign

The Solar Schuyler volunteers are pleased to partner with the two following solar developers to truly bring solar to everyone in Schuyler County through the first ever Solar Schuyler Community Solar program.


Nexamp 2.jpg

Subscription Model Community Solar

10% Discount from NYSEG Rates

Renovus 2.jpg

Renovus Solar
Purchase Model Community Solar


For more information on Subscription Model Community Solar vs. Purchase Model Community Solar, as well as full campaign pricing specs - click on our downloadable Community Solar Pricing Sheet below! To sign up, click here!

2017 Residential Solar Campaign

In the spring of 2017 the Solar Schuyler volunteers decided to host their second solarize campaign - through the summer and into the fall the volunteers hosted events throughout the county educating members of the public on solar energy and helping interested homeowners go solar. Below are the installer partners from that 2017 Residential Solar Campaign as well as pricing information. 


ApeX Solar

For over a decade Apex Solar has worked to establish themselves as a premier solar energy provider. They have installed over 3,000 solar systems throughout the Northeast from Buffalo, NY to Boston, MA. With a local office in Syracuse, NY, Apex prides themselves on every single aspect of solar installation coming from in-house, with no outside sub-contractors. This is especially important as when you go solar through Apex, you're working with the 6th installer in the country to have company-wide NABCEP certification.


Based out of Ithaca, NY since their founding in 2003, Renovus Solar has designed and installed thousands of renewable energy projects throughout New York. They are known for building exceptional solar systems for homes, businesses, and communities that save money and provide reliable performance for decades.  They are also considered a leader in New York State in the development of community solar  and are one of the area’s most trusted and recommended local energy service providers.


Taitem (Technology As If The Earth Mattered) is an engineering company based in Ithaca, New York. Founded in 1989 with a focus on energy efficiency and green building design, our award-winning Solar division has installed hundreds of solar photovoltaic arrays. The Taitem team of engineers, analysts and specialized technicians helps clients in Schuyler County and across New York State with homes and commercial buildings of many types, including office and industrial, wineries and farms.  As a certified B-Corporation Taitem is committed to the triple bottom line, respecting people, planet, and profits in all aspects of its business.

The companies above have committed to offering the price and equipment below as standard pricing and equipment for the duration of the campaign - they each represent a discount from their typical prices to reflect their commitment to helping the citizens of Schuyler County in their quest to go Solar.


For more pricing for services related to solar, please see our full pricing sheet



$2.95 P/WAtt



$2.65 P/Watt



$2.80 p/watt


Note: the price per watt represents the pricing for a 7kW roof-mounted system including installation, solar panels and inverter. It does not include other services such as a ground mounted array, multiple rooftops, or other efficiency options - for pricing on those options please see the Full Pricing Sheet above! 

SOlar Panel


Panel: Trina 275W

Power: 275 Watts

Peak Efficiency: 14.9%

Max Power Output: 290W

Warranty Period: 10 year product/ 25 year production manufacturer/lifetime Apex Workmanship warranty


Panel: Tier 1 280W

Power: 280 Watt

Peak Efficiency: -

Power Output: -

Warranty Period: 10 year product/ 25 year production manufacturer/lifetime workmanship warranty


Panel: QCells Q.Plus BFR-G4.1 300

Power: 300 Watts

Peak Efficiency: 18%

Power Output: 300 W

Warranty Period: 12 year product / 25 year production warranty                                                         



Solar Edge


 SMA Sunny Boy


Fronius Primo