what is a POD ID number?

A PoD ID number, or Point of Delivery ID number, is your “energy address” within NYSEG’s delivery system. It marks our your house and allows other services with access to the information to find out how much energy you may be using for difference services. For solar installers, the PoD ID number is essential. It allows the contractor to look at historical data of how much electricity you use and then design a system sized specifically for you.

To find your PoD ID number you can either look at your physical bill, mailed to your house each month, or visit NYSEG's website and look at your online account. See below for examples on where to find both!


Physical Bill

Your PoD ID can be found on page three of your NYSEG bill, above the meter reading table.


Or click on “Your Account,” “Online Services” and “My Account,” provide your Login Id and password, select “Energy Use” and the PoD ID will be displayed.

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