If you are interested in investing in a home solar system, getting a free site assessment, or just curious about options in your area feel free to come to our workshop events or view our online resources here.:


SOLAR 101 PowerPoint

Want to learn more about solar energy and the reasons to go solar? Watch our Solar 101 slide presentation and stay tuned for upcoming online workshops and videos that will help decide if solar is right for you and your family,



Online Workshop

Coming Soon!






What to consider when going solar!

A quick look at some things you may want to consider before going solar. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at admin@solarschuyler.org 



What is a Solarize campaign?

Solar Schuyler is considered a Solarize campaign; don't know what that means? Watch our video and find out! Made by Lois Nguyen, a Cornell Student interning with CCE-Tompkins. 



Solar Schuyler Launch: