For the first time ever, solar truly can be for everyone. We're proud to be partnering with two companies, Renovus and Nexamp that are offering community solar to residents of Schuyler County. We will continue our efforts to educate and inform the residents of Schuyler County on their solar options; letting them know that no matter whether they rent or own, live in a field or forest, or whether they want to own panels or not - that there is a way to go solar for everyone. 


what is the "solarize process"?

Going solar through Solar Schuyler you will get all of the information about the solar process upfront from a nonpartisan group that is here provide clear information, spread the word about solar, and help you through the process of going solar. 



By signing up for a free assessment you are not committing to installing solar on your home or property. You are just becoming more informed about your individual situation.                  

The first step

Having your house or property assessed for its solar potential is the first step to “going solar.” From here, an installer will visit your house and give you a quote using our campaign rates. The rest is up to you!