Since 2015, we have led the effort to educate Schuyler County residents and businesses on solar energy. Our goal is to create educated consumers and to help those that want to reduce their emissions, save money on future electricity costs, and who want to become energy independent.  County residents learn about solar energy so they can make an educated decision is right for their house and their families.

 Our 2015-16 Campaign Logo

Our 2015-16 Campaign Logo

It all started when...

A group of Schuyler County residents heard about a community grant program run by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to help promote solar energy. Seeing the success of programs like Solar Tompkins, those volunteers came together to help create Solar Schuyler and run an incredibly successful campaign that helped 50 residents and businesses ‘Go Solar’ - more than doubling the amount of installed solar capacity in Schuyler County.

Solar Schuyler has ignited tremendous excitement in our community from Winery, Microbrew and Bed and Breakfast owners to homeowners, and the people who work for solar installers or who have affiliated businesses - [all] are extremely excited about the future work. In addition, our business development community sees Solar Schuyler as a viable job creator and enhancement to the local economy.
— Sam Maggio


Even after the first campaign ended, the volunteers continued to work tirelessly to educate their friends, family and neighbors of the benefits and considerations of solar photovoltaic panels (Solar PV). Our goal has been to create educated consumers who know how solar works and whether it is the right choice for their families.

In January 2017, the volunteers embarked on a new Solarize campaign with vetted solar installers and a series of events and workshops designed to help residents of Schuyler county learn more about solar energy and make the process as easy as possible for those that decide to join their neighbors in going solar! The campaign was a fantastic success helping more homeowners go solar, and leading to a more educated county when it came to solar. 

 An installation from our 2015 Campaign

An installation from our 2015 Campaign


In the fall of 2017, an opportunity arrived to join onto a community solar campaign being run by the Renewable New York (RNY) partnership consisting of non-profits from the Southern Tier and Mid-Hudson Valley. Earlier, the RNY team had put out a call for community solar developers to see what they had to offer citizens of the Mid-Hudson Valley and Southern Tier and the results were fantastic - with seven different companies offering a wide-range of options. The RNY team then chose installers that they thought offered the right diversity and discount for residents throughout the working region and reached out to groups that had previously run solarize campaigns - Solar Schuyler was one of the first on the list and are proud to now be delivering quality education and support for anyone interested in community solar. We welcome any and all to our events or to ask us how solar can work for you!

What we've achieved

  • Helped 55 participants install solar arrays on their homes or businesses.

  • Added more than 500 kW of solar electricity in the county. 

  • Introduced residents of Schuyler County to new solar options like community solar.

  • Helped over 200 participants receive FREE home assessments.

  • Installed 7 solar thermal panels over four installations.

  • Held three solar tours over six locations to help educate residents on solar electricity.